Ottawa (Canada)

The municipality/city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario is Canada’s capital city. The buildings of Parliament Hill with their European style are popular amongst tourists and the area is often used for light shows, festivals, tours and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police parades.

Outside of the city there are wonderful rural areas, small villages and bountiful farms. The landscape and nature within a 90 kilometer radius of Ottawa are like none other; You’ll be impressed with the colorful scenery, spectacular views and friendly locals.

During your English language course you should definitely find time to discover more of Ottawa because this breath-taking city offers something for everyone. Love nature? Then go for a skate in the wintertime and a swim in the summer time at the Rideau Canal or, if you are interested in art and culture, you can visit the large selection of galleries and museums.

Book one of English courses in Ottawa and discover Canada’s vibrant capital. Like in most countries, the capital brings together a mix of different nationalities meaning the city is a multicultural melting pot that is ideal for English study abroad programs.

At school in Ottawa you can improve your language skills quickly and sustainably during effective English courses. Courses available include Standard English and Intensive English courses.

Why take an English course in Ottawa?

Study abroad programs in Ottawa are great for many reasons: you have the opportunity to learn English from native speaking teachers whilst being immersed in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Need a break from studying? How about a quick swim across the Rideau Canal? Just a few minutes from the school you can find yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of daily Ottawa life, amongst fascinating attractions, and amongst friendly locals. An English language course in Ottawa is an investment in your future, and taking one will give you the chance to visit unique places, gain useful experiences and make new friends.