Boston (ASV)

The historical city of Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts and holds classical English roots. This unique city houses a number of universities and colleges and attracts students and tourists from all over the world. The fascinating architecture and distinctive history is complimented by modern skyscrapers and a lively energy to…

Brighton (England)

With such a rich area surrounding the school it is no surprise that Brighton is one of the most popular locations for English courses. The unique destination will inspire students throughout their stay in Brighton. The school is held in an Edwardian style building, with all of our courses accredited by the British Council as well as English UK. Students will find themselves enthralled by the learning experience. Dedicated and relaxed course leaders are always willing to answer any questions and recommend activities or must see attractions.

Calgary (Canada)

Over the past couple of years, Calgary has earned the honor of becoming one of the fastest developing cities in North America. This Canadian city has everything that other major cities offer, but the people of Calgary have kept their low-stress mentality, which makes the pace of the city much calmer than what would be expected.…

Devon (England)

Whether you prefer to spend your days engaging in intensive English courses or if relaxed English classes for beginners are your preference, Devon holds the key to a truly memorable learning experience. The variety of pastimes range from shopping trips to scuba diving excursions or laid back sun downers overlooking the bay. The warm sun glistening over the green, lush grassland provides avid nature lovers the chance to explore the countryside all the while experimenting with their newly acquired skills with the locals.

London (England)

One location that is synonymous with the English language is undoubtedly England’s capital city – London. With culture embedded in every black cab, double-decker bus and the world renowned red telephone boxes London has a vibe that has to be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. From the regal presence that embraces you as you walk along the buzzing city streets to the historical, gilded architecture that catches your eye, no tourist will ever leave London unchanged. With the abundance of nationalities that walk the London streets a new language will be heard daily, leaving everybody with a sense of home and belonging in one of the world’s most spoken about cities.

Los Angeles (USA)

Los Angeles is a city that really has it all! There is an abundance of fascinating culture, sites, attractions, restaurants, shopping and great weather year round which attracts people from all over the world. Visitors have the pleasure of exploring Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Laguna Beach, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, Dodger Stadium, Disneyland, Santa…

Montreal (Canada)

Language school lies close to the heart of Montreal which is well-known for being a bilingual city meaning you can learn English or French or even both at the same time. The city is filled with European culture, architecture, natural beauty and international festivals. Montreal is Canada’s second largest city, attracting visitors with its devotion…

New York (USA)

New York is affectionately known as “The city that never sleeps”, and for good reason. This exhilarating city has over seven million inhabitants and hundreds of famous landmarks for tourists to experience for themselves. Students will find something to do all day and night in this buzzing city culture. From breathtaking skyscrapers to famous art galleries - New…

Ottawa (Canada)

The municipality/city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario is Canada’s capital city. The buildings of Parliament Hill with their European style are popular amongst tourists and the area is often used for light shows, festivals, tours and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police parades. Outside of the city there are wonderful rural areas, small villages…

St. Julians (Malta)

Escape the unpleasant weather at home and book one of English courses in Malta, where you will find a magnificent climate, sparkling waters and year-round sun, as well as a Mediterranean atmosphere and English as an official language. Malta is one of the preferred destinations for language students from all over the world – and for good reason. Nowhere else can you learn English in such a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The island also offers its visitors numerous leisure activities.

Toronto (Canada)

More than five million people from over a hundred nations live in Toronto, making the city arguably the most colorful and diverse in the country. At the same time it is considered to be one of the cleanest and safest cities in North America. “Toronto” means “meeting place” in the language of the Canadian Huron Indians – no name could be more appropriate, because, as you’ll quickly notice, no one stays a stranger for long.

Vancouver (Canada)

Vancouver schools lies just minutes from the city's renowned shopping area, Robson Street. Being downtown gives students the advantage of having the Skytrain, bus stops, local shops and Stanley Park all within walking distance from school and locals of the area will tell you that the best way to get around the city is by…

Victoria (Canada)

Founded in 1843, Victoria is Western Canada’s oldest city and has a rich history that spans through the decades. The city takes its name from Queen Victoria and is British Columbia’s capital city with a number of tourist attractions and serene landscapes. This multicultural city is home to Canada’s western naval base and has a…