Translation agency “MIRTE tulkojumi” will translate professionally any format and complexity texts to different foreign languages.

We are aware of and we consider the particularity of every translation and we perform our work at the highest level.

If it is necessary that your translation keeps the original format as well as the output schedules, charts, fonts, spacing and illustrations, we are ready to do the translation taking that into account.

As a result you will receive a translation which is identical to your original text’s graphic design.

The number of characters is counted in the Word programme by giving the command Word count (under Tools) and counting the characters with spaces and paragraphs. The total number of the characters is calculated in the translated text in that way. The total number of pages is made dividing the total number of characters by 1800.

We do not give any information about accomplished translations and/or clients to any persons or institutions, except and only to the extent as/if it is demanded by Latvian law enforcement authorities reposing on the legislation.

  1. Simple texts (1st degree):

Texts of general content, personal and simple business letters without technical terminology.

  1. Medium degree of difficulty (2nd degree):

a) Texts of general content with particular/special terms including popular-science descriptions in different fields, history, culture, study of local history, social and humanities texts; simple legal texts; state and local government institution published documents and letters; advertisements and public relations texts; texts from accountancy, economics, insurance and finances; literary texts etc.

b) 1st degree texts with additional elements of layout (including tables), illegible texts, handwritten texts, texts with a lot of numbers and symbols etc.

c) 1st degree texts with notarial certification or attested with translator’s signature

2./3. Texts of medium difficulty (2nd/3rd degree)

These are texts between medium and sophisticated degree of difficulty. Including such legal texts as claim statements, judgments of court, legal statements, applications; loan, cession, legal charge, mortgage, leasing, advertisement etc. agreements, expanded purchase, delivery, lease, labour agreements, as well as legal texts with additional terminology (insurance, accountancy, technical etc.).

Tariff rate of medium difficulty texts is applied also to preparing the 2nd degree texts with notarial certification or translator’s signature.

  1. Sophisticated texts (3rd degree):

a) Texts with specific terms including sophisticated legal texts (funding agreements, credit agreements, insurance, franchise agreements; judgments of court, applications in sophisticated issues and other documents; expert decisions etc.); technical texts; texts from different science fields, including medicine, architecture, biology etc.; as well as texts which demand the use of additional materials (special terminology lists, regulations, press materials and internet sources, consultations with specialists, other translations etc.);

b) 2nd degree texts with additional elements of layout (including tables), illegible texts, handwritten texts, texts with a lot of numbers and symbols and so on.

c) texts of medium difficulty with notarial certification or attested with translator’s signature;

Translation of texts using other programmes (Excel, PowerPoint etc.), except

To get information about prices and terms please contact us or fill in the electronic application form.


LanguagePrice per page (eur)
From Latvian to English12.00-16.00
From English to Latvian12.00-16.00
From Russian to English13.00-17.00
From English to Russian13.00-17.00
From Latvian to Russian12.00-16.00
From Russian to Latvian12.00-16.00
From Latvian to Lithuanian17.00-25.00
From Lithuanian to Latvian17.00-25.00
LanguagePrice per page (eur)
From Latvian to French15.00-22.00
From French to Latvian15.00-22.00
From Latvian to Estonian22.00-27.00
From Estonian to Latvian22.00-27.00
From Latvian to German12.00-16.00
From German to Latvian12.00-16.00
From Latvian to Spanish22.00-27.00
From Spanish to Latvian22.00-27.00
LanguagePrice per page (eur)
From Italian to Latvian22.00-27.00
From Italian to French25.00-30.00
From Dutch to Latvian25.00-30.00
From Dutch to French25.00-30.00
From English to French22.00-27.00
From German to French22.00-27.00
From Spanish to French25.00-30.00
From Russian to French22.00-27.00