Abroad language school is an independent educational organisation that has been providing successful language courses all over the world for over 25 years. They extensive experience and wide range of language course options, coupled with student centered ethos and enthusiasm for cultural immersion, help us stand out from other providers of study abroad programmes. They believe that cultural and language education go hand-in-hand!

All of  language courses at abroad language school, whether intensive individual lessons or exam prep courses, are designed to combine a cultural holiday with a language learning experience. The idea is to use your language course to enhance your holiday and your holiday to enhance your language course. So for example, you could use you new ability in French to order some frogs in France, then come back to the classroom the next day and tell your teacher and classmates all about your frog eating experience – in French of course! This way you are constantly building on and reinforcing your language skills.

They offer language courses for Adults in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish.

Whether you are a culture vulture, beach lover, nightlife maniac, nature enthusiast or sports and outdoors fanatic, there is something to suit everyone among they many language school locations. Each of the seven language options are taught in a variety of destinations, from Montreal to Rome; Beijing to Barcelona; Frankfurt to Miami. The destination you choose will be important in enhancing your cultural experience that comes as part of these courses.

Classes are student centered and conducted in an open, relaxed, friendly and communicative environment. They enthusiastic and creative teachers pride themselves on creating unique lesson structures to meet the needs of their individual learners. The various language lessons include games, lively debate and discussion as well as topical grammar, reading and writing exercises.

On adult study abroad programmes your language lessons do not end when you leave the classroom. The learning continues all day long as you roam the streets of a foreign town, order food in a traditional restaurant, pick up some souvenirs and chat with the locals. You can also practise and go over what you have learned in class in the evenings with your fellow students or a local host family depending on the accomodation option you choose.