Boston (ASV)

The historical city of Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts and holds classical English roots. This unique city houses a number of universities and colleges and attracts students and tourists from all over the world. The fascinating architecture and distinctive history is complimented by modern skyscrapers and a lively energy to be found around every corner.

With Boston’s involvement in the American Revolutionary War and its iconic European styled architecture it is the ideal destination to learn English. The strong student base has created a sophisticated and lively atmosphere with students travelling from all over the world to be a part of this energetic and young community. The cultural mix will contribute to an enlightening and memorable travel experience.

Not only does Boston offer a rich historical story with a number of diverse cultures but it is also one of the trendiest destinations in North America when it comes to shopping, sightseeing and cuisine, offering visitors unique regional delicacies to appease every appetite. The New England clam chowder is a national favourite and is a must-eat for every tourist.

English Courses in Boston

English courses in Boston offer students the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy the English language by experiencing it in Boston, spoken in a natural environment with the friendly locals or fellow students. Explore the city of Boston and the many attractions in and around the area while experimenting with your newly acquired language skills and put your lessons to good use as you thrive in this unique city.

The school in Boston offers a variety of courses to suit every language proficiency level and every student’s language needs. Students can choose from a Standard English course, Intensive courses, exam preparation courses or private one on one lessons. Every class is specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual students and our qualified and talented teachers create the perfect learning environment.

Why choose an English Course in Boston?

A language course in Boston is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Students are able to learn a life-long skill while experiencing this inspiring tourist destination. By learning English in this relaxed and natural environment students are acquiring the language almost effortlessly and creating lasting friendships and extraordinary memories. They recognise the language learning process as a personal journey and we aim to create the perfect backdrop for every language student.