Language tests:


Complete the FRENCH test and get your results in your e-mail.

  • The test is suitable for adults and young people (aged 15 and older) to set the level of their language proficiency.
  • The test consists of 50 questions to check your knowledge of FRENCH grammar. To assert that you have preliminary knowledge in FRENCH grammar you have to get at least 40 points in the test.
  • If you realize that the questions are too complicated for you or you do not know the answer, you can discontinue the test or proceed to the next question.
  • There is no time limit. The appropriate level of FRENCH you should study will be indicated in the test results.
  • After completing the test you will need to do an oral test with one of our teachers, to check your speaking skills.
  • If you accidentally close the web browser and haven’t completed the test yet, you have the possibility to resume from the last question you answered.

If you have no preliminary knowledge of FRENCH, we advise you to fill in the application. You do not need to complete the test!