Гунта КауратеПреподаватель английского языка


Высшее образование получено в Латвийском Университете, Факультет иностранных языков. Степень магистра английской филологии.


Владеет латышским, английским, русским и немецким языками.







BeginnerАнглийский язык

Dear Gunta!

Only recently we met. What we had was only a shared dream to “learn how to swim in a swimming pool with supervision of an instructor.”
This time has passed very fast, and thanks to you and your love for English, your true and deep interest in every students development, your perseverance and kindness, we have been enjoying every second of this learning process and each one of us have achieved our individual goals.
Thank you for everything! We are beyond grateful!
We wish you to never loose your unique skills as a teacher , to have a lot of good students and of course to have health, success and love in your life!
With love, Your “beginners “.