Tatjana StankevičaEnglish language teacher


She studied at the Latvian State University, Faculty of Modern Languages, and obtained Bachelor’s degree in English Philology.



“Hello, Students!

Language teaching is not only my job but also a pleasant hobby. I am willing to teach both children and adults, in groups and individually. It gives me the opportunity to improve my skills, to find the right method in language studying for everyone, while my students can gain valuable experience and learn a language more easily. In my classes I use different activities to make lessons more interesting. That helps to extend very efficiently the vocabulary of foreign languages in a jolly atmosphere.

It is a great pleasure that I can help other people to learn the most beautiful language in the world – the English language.”







IntermediateEnglish language

Everything was nice and great. The teacher was a charming person. I had a great time here. I will miss students and the teacher. Hope to take the next level in a near future.

Our Tanya is very – very… Our Tanya is great teacher. Tnanks!