Ilze RuskuleGerman language teacher

She studied at the Latvian State University, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, and obtained Master’s degree in pedagogical sciences and Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy – Diploma of German language and literature teacher.

“I really love German language – I have lived with it since I was six. The first thing I learnt in German was the names of colours. This suggests that the language helps me to see the world in more colours; it allows me to travel without getting lost. I feel at home in Berlin, but also I get excited by some exotic countries, cultures of various nations, theatre, cinema, and many other cultural expressions. Wherever in the world I travel I go to the theatre if possible. All this would be difficult to grasp without foreign languages. Therefore, German language was not the only language I learnt. Anywhere I travelled, something from that language captivated me – some word, expression or phrase. I do like my work, there is no routine, as each student is different and each person may give me a revelation and wisdom. And that is how interaction happens…. Ilze Ruskule”