Andrejs StankevičsEnglish language teacher

He studied at the Latvian State University, Faculty of Modern Languages, and obtained the Bachelor’s degree in English Philology.

“When I was studying at Latvian State University I couldn’t even imagine that teaching English someday will be my job. When somebody asks me for help I try to do my best. And what started as lending a hand during 2003 excited me so much that it became my hobby and the amount of work is increasing steadily.

Currently I help to obtain both general and business English language, both to teenagers and adults, individually and in groups. I co-operate with language centres „MIRTE” and „New Horizons” but I can be met in several other language centres where interesting projects get started.

What is my top priority in language learning? Breaking down the communication barriers, learning to think in the target language, introducing that language in one’s personal life and by using natural language-learning system, to make studying process interesting, easy and efficient with an option to reach any of desired levels.”