ENGLISH – Level B2/Higher Intermediate – EXPRESS course

  • Duration: 2 months or 18 lessons
  • Syllabus is scheduled for 54 academic hours
  • Lessons take place two times a week
  • One lesson lasts – 135 min (3*45 min)
  • Price: 300 EUR

As EXPRESS course to acquire a language online! Please write or call to inform us!

Would you like to refresh, strengthen and improve your current language knowledge in a short period of time just before you go on a business trip or on holiday or for your everyday life or job?

If it is a YES! Then this course is just for you!

We are going to refresh your grammar knowledge and improve your writing and reading skills, as well as discuss current affairs in Latvia and in the world!

ENGLISH – Level B2/Higher Intermediate – EXPRESS course
DayTimeCourse lenghtLecturerJoin
Tuesday 18:20 - 21:00 20.05.21 - 24.08.21 TIKS PRECIZĒTS
Thursday 18:20 - 21:00